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High Quality Pennants printed with your club badge and design, hand made using quality materials. Used for presentation and promotional events for all sports clubs, Amateur and Professional organisation's.

Fully finished with Hanging Cord with Tassels, Fringe, Beechwood Top Rod and End Finials

Printed Pennants

Custom Printed Promotional Pennants for your club, organisation and local teams. High quality Satin Pennants, with your logo or design, professionally Printed using the latest most advanced technique's. opposition.

Satin Football Pennants

Over 25 years now manufacturing Football Pennants, the only UK company who produce these in house, using high quality materials and trimmings we developed ourselves over many years, now with multi Colour Fringes.

Luxury Sports Pennants

Our Sports Pennants come in many shapes and styles, popular is the Chevron shape, although the traditional Triangular shape has always been a fave. Different Sports Clubs will prefer their own style, and all can be custom made.

Soccer Pennants

With the remarkable popularity of Soccer Pennants Worldwide, we can offer our same High Quality Product to overseas customer's delivering all over the world! Chevron, Triangular, Elipse, Crown, many more shapes.

First impressions last, present and award the highest quality available, only from SPL!


A4 is the traditional presentation size given in exchange, or an award, a good size to include a club badge and multiple lines of text. Not too large yet big enough to make an impression. The most popular size exchanged around the world.


We manufacture in-house so can create most sizes, our Small Mini is approx 3/4 A4, again not too small you cannot add enough information, but slightly smaller used for the younger generation or for hanging in your car!


Now then! Really make an impression with our custom made Large Clubhouse, ideal for special occasions, Cup Finals, Team Awards, Events and Competitions, and of course, for hanging within your Clubhouse!


Custom sizes are just that, specially created as per your requirements. This will entail getting the size you require, trimmings to suit, and therefore require a minimum amount ordered. We welcome all your enquiries.

Whether you are hosting a football tournament, attending a competition abroad ...

Professionally Hand Crafted, all our Printed Pennants have matching Coloured Fringe and Hanging Tassels, individually packaged to keep its brand new look and feel until presentation. Such as Football, Soccer, Tennis, Rugby, Bowls, Swimming, Golf, Cricket, Athletic, Baseball, and many others wishing to promote their club or team player.

Football Pennants for Football Clubs, are Ideal for Cup presentations, Competitions, Team Members, Tournaments abroad, School and Universities. You can be sure of a quality product, and expertise in design, and manufacturing. Quality hand crafted products are an ideal way to promote your club/organisation. We supply many sizes and budgets to suit all clubs and organisation's